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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Best Homepages on the Internet

With our fast paced life, it is not possible to waste even a minute to search for your favorite website. Those who need to access the Internet for their daily work, may find it very irritating to wait for the websites to load. It is very important that you choose some of the best homepages on the Internet that contain all the relevant links you neeinterd and even look good when the browser is left idle. The best homepage to use should be the one that does not take longer than required to load and is simple to operate. In this article, we shall discuss the best homepage to have on your browser.

What are the Best Homepages to Set Your Browser To?

There are a number of best homepages on the Internet that you should try setting on your browser. 'About:Blank' is one browser that will take no time to load and all you need to do is type in the name of the website you want to visit. However, if you would like to open your browser to a more colorful option, then you can try the following best homepages to use.

Google search engine, is one of the most simplest homepage to use on the Internet. You can even set browser to the specific country you want and get information related to, as per the region you choose. You can even switch over to iGoogle and add infinite number of tabs and personalize your homepage the way you are comfortable with. Google is one the most popular and most used best homepage to have as a browser.

SuperSurfa is another best homepage to have. This browser is quick to load and contains website content from the world's most popular sites. These websites includes Google, eBay, amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo and Microsoft Live Search. It even has links to other important web links like Gmail, Facebook, hi5, CNN, Play, Time, etc. This website offers something for everyone under one simple page.

Blazoon too is something similar to SuperSurfa. You can set this simple browser as your homepage. It has a white background and contains a search box. All you need to do is type in the information you are looking for and click on either of the tabs given below it. These tabs include links to the most popular websites on the Internet, like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, eBay, Flickr, Amazon, etc.

Kiwibeak is another web surfing browser that provides many links to external sites. It contains links to the usual sites like Google, Wikipedia, Dogpile, etc. This site offers more by providing links to breaking news, quotes of the day, a calender, word of the day, article of the day, this day in history, etc. and lots of other useful information. This is a directory that contains links that are convenient to use for the user.

Jesuki is a very interesting homepage to use. This browser contains links to different external links. This includes weather, images, movies, music, Google, food and recipes, discount insurance, Amazon, etc. When you click on a particular tab, a new window opens that contains more links that suit your search. This is one of the interesting best homepage to have as a browser. You should try it once and you will find it to be a very handy browser.

Ezeehomepage can be called one of the best homepages to use as it allows you to build your own homepage. This means you can add your own 'Quick Links' and organize them according to your use. Then you can click 'View Homepage' and find all the relevant sites that you use organized just the way you want them to be. This is a very smart looking browser that caters to the taste of the user.

Jmroz is a homepage that looks just like Google home page. It contains a Google Search box and a Shop search box. There are many links like auction, blogs, deals, finance, health, instant messenger, jobs, kids, and mail each containing the most popular external links.

Jingle Tree is a useful browser for professionals who need to be updated with the latest developments around the world. It contains tabs related to ABC News, The New York Times, BBC, etc. Sports lovers can access ESPN and stock analysts can access The Wall Street Journal online. It even contains entertainment links like TMZ. Radar, Mixx, Google, Bing, etc. If you go further down the page, you will have a list of top searches and Top 10 results related to the most searched songs, websites, iTunes, YouTube videos, etc. Jingle Tree is one web browser that contains every external link that different users tend to use.

Your Port
Yourport is a web browser that contains tabs related to different popular websites. As the name suggests, you can change the tabs provided and add your favorite ports to the browser. This is also one of the best homepage to use as a browser.

Oxymnya is an homepage that helps explore the Internet better. You are able to access popular websites like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Wikipedia, BBC, Orkut, Nabava, World News, etc. What makes this site unique and one of the best homepages on the Internet is that it offers a drop down menu for some pages like Google, Yahoo, eBay, Bing, etc.

True Homepage
Truehomepage is one site that offers a customizable browser to the user. You can choose different sites as your homepage. It offers direct links to hi5, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Ymail, AOL mail, etc. You can even change the theme of the browser by choosing the colors you want the main page to display and the colors of the boxes. True Homepage is certainly one site that you will call as one of the best homepage to have as a browser.

This is an attractive looking homepage that will help you search information from different sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It also has daily deals, videos, news, yellow pages as tabs. This is a very cute looking homepage you can set your browser to.

These were some of the best homepages on the Internet that you can use as your browsers. There may be plenty of other popular sites not mentioned in the list like Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. that also have the best homepage to use. I hope this article has helped you find some different rather than the usual best homepages to have as browser for your Internet searches.
By Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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  1. lIm using Yahoo now , but their news is so baised toward the liberal political landscape. Is there a format similar but more neutral?


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